Watch Camelot Online! Synopsis: England is threatened with disorder after the unexpected and premature death of King Uther. The sorcerer Merlin detects images of a future full of despair, and plays a part in installing Arthur, Uther's offspring, raised from nativity as a commoner, without a knowledge of his regal pedigree, as the new king. When Morgan, Arthur's half-sister, learns that she has a half-brother, an individual for whom Merlin states evidence that he is the correct recipient to the throne , she is determined to match wits with and screw up Arthur "into the bitter end," using "harmful powers to claim the crown" in what will develop as "an epic clash for power." According to Eva Green, the character of Morgan is not consistently evil as she is damaged: "She understands herself to be the rightful heir to the throne, but since she's a lady, she's denied the throne and she will conduct anything to obtain it back again." Regardless of the background trigger, Morgan will stop at absolutely nothing to remove Arthur, assembling folks to band with her against him. Within this point in time, Guinevere is the only "shining light" in an otherwise gloomy world surrounding the new monarch. Arthur has got to unify a state split apart by war and "steeped in deception," all the time seasoned by "deeper moral resolutions" and enemies of all kinds. Merlin remains to stand by Arthur, but his support for the new king is challenging, mainly because "his premonitions of Arthur's hurried rise to royalty include things like dark representations of the youthful heir's outlook." A complex character himself, Merlin is discussed by Chibnall as a kind of "warrior monk," who has a "duality inside him of both a fighter and a spiritual person."

The miniseries: Marketing releases note the show will comprise ten installments that could "redefine the popular chivalric epic of King Arthur." Advance reviews of the series describe it as having "sex, sword-fighting, magic, humor. Consistent with a tongue-in-cheek remark by star Joseph Fiennes, it has to be seen for another intention: "Given that it's not a musical." Head writer Chris Chibnall has declared every single era would need its version of the story of Camelot. He states that this version includes strong currents of dogmas and romance in what he has defined as an "adult drama": "The amazing thing about Camelot is you can talk about political pursuits... it's all about the romance. It's all about the passion. It's all about great ideals compromised by falling in love with the wrong person." Chibnall also claims that the account as related in this new series has a exceptional importance for today's society because it is relating to the promise of world leaders to have a better society, and then trying to carry through on their assurances - in this instance the way that Merlin shares the idea of a new kind of king and a new kind of kingdom that can be possible under Arthur's rule, and the way Arthur attempts to live up to Merlin's goals. One focal relationship in the tale will be the one shared by Arthur and Merlin. Fiennes has joked that he thinks "of Merlin as a sort of cross somewhere between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Donald Rumsfeld," covering the topic of Kenobi's mentoring abilities and Rumsfeld's political agendas. Fiennes describes Merlin as a "...sort of tutor. He's a father figure. He's a atrocious headmaster. He's got to provide this boy all the tools for being king in a heartless world, and he has to do so in a very short span of time. So there's a lot of fierce to be good. The show will use the well-known stories and legends about King Arthur - "but those will only create a start line." The point of the producers is to come up with installments that "will create historical realities to a telling of the Arthur legends that is relatable to contemporary viewers." The Starz guide to the series consists the remark to "Forget everything you think you know…this is the story of Camelot that has never ever been told before.” With this in mind, there's no reason for you not to Watch Camelot Online!